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Shift technologist

Responsibilities: incoming control of raw materials, product quality control, adjustment of technological modes according to technical maps.


  • Changeable operating mode, 12 hours each.
  • timely wages;
  • education;
  • official employment.


  • Higher education (chemical engineering or chemical).
  • confident PC user;
  • work experience of at least one year in a chemical laboratory or in a chemical production is desirable;


  • Performs analyzes and tests to determine the chemical composition and basic properties of materials in accordance with the requirements of standards and specifications.
  • Accepts technological samples and samples for analysis and testing.
  • Draws up the results of analyzes and tests, keeps records of them, prepares technical documentation for the work performed by the laboratory.
  • Monitors the good condition of installations, instruments, instruments and other laboratory equipment, performs simple adjustments
  • Participates in identifying the causes of product defects, in preparing proposals for its prevention and elimination.
  • Controls compliance with technological discipline and equipment operation rules.

Telephone contact: +7 846 979-88-84