A new research laboratory of chief technologist service (CTS) has started its work.

9 Jul 2017

A new research laboratory of chief technologist service (CTS) has started its work.

Laboratory is awarded Mr Lothar Schulz name, the first chief technologist of the company, managed the technological service from December 2011 to March 2016.

Mr. Schulz put a lot of effort and experience in the organization of CTS work in order to reach the technology and quality of the products at a high competitive level.

The aim of the laboratory is to study the influence of various factors on the quality of impregnation and laminated surfaces, testing of new types of raw materials and development of new products.

Employees of CTS are all with higher professional education, their skills and experience allow to solve tasks within the minimum period of time.

Currently we study different types of fire-retardants to improve the properties of fireboard (HPL) on the basis of phenolic paper by our production, which allow to change the combustibility group from G2 to G1. At the same time we conclude a contract with accredited laboratory to test the toxicity group of decorative paper laminate on the basis of phenolic paper by Novel Group.

The laboratory is fitted with all equipment necessary to start the research work:

- Polar microscope with high resolution, which allows to "see" into the impregnated paper, laminated plywood to study the effects of various additives and technological regimes on the quality of the surface;

- Laboratory equipment - pH meter Mettler Toledo, analytical and technical scales Vibra, which has all the necessary characteristics to produce results with a high degree of accuracy;

- Laboratory impregnation plant, and heating cabinet SNOL, laboratory press BÜRKLE, which allow to imitate the production processes and to conduct laboratory testing of new raw materials;

- Device for determination of abrasion hardness Taber.

The company plans to continue equipping of the laboratory with modern chemical and physical-mechanical equipment for a more complete solution of CTS tasks

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