Quality starts from incoming control

In the production of the waste materials valid traffic pattern by which is possible to use in the production of phenolic paper raw materials has not passed the input control.

Laboratory service chief technologist attaches great importance to incoming inspection of raw materials.

We have taken on board a variety of control techniques to get the most information about the characteristics of raw materials. We work closely with specialists from the laboratories of manufacturers of raw materials, which provide us a comprehensive methodological assistance in quality control issues of their products.

To perform input control of each type of raw material - resin base paper, special additives prepared water sampled at a specially designed sampling scheme. Verification shall each batch of incoming raw materials.

All selected samples were labeled and stored until the expiration of the warranty period of storage for each type of raw material specified in the regulations of manufacturers.

The basis of the input control techniques taken Russian state standards:

20907-75 phenol resins, liquid

P 53636-2009 Cellulose, paper, cardboard.

Based on the existing experience with technology developed by the company and continue to develop adapted methods of control of incoming raw materials for the express control, and for a more extended test program.
of the enterprise cooperated with the Laboratory of Organic Synthesis
of Samara Technical University in terms of additional research by GLC,
NMR and so on, what with the Department signed an agreement on

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